Gastronomy needs financial discipline

You can positively impact your P&L and improve your profitability by optimising your beverage operations. Our beverage operations toolkit will help you achieve exactly that, and in the long run.

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Beverage operations toolkit

Real-time beverage analytics

Track and monitor your entire beverage portfolio performance to make sure your margins are surpassing your objectives

Precise dispensing equipments

Intuitive and simple to use equipments will integrate with your existing accounting solutions such as the POS

Team development & coaching

Transform your team and deliver high-performance sales. Go beyond simply serving customer to delivering extraordinary and personalised experiences.

“Focus on the gastronomic experience, while we engineer your beverage operations”

A real-time business companion

Beverage analytics App

Your pocket App will follow you everywhere with you and will enlighten your operations performance. It will notify you of important signals so you can always be on top of your operations.

Main feature: Highlighting everyday your waste rate, i.e. comparison between beverages poured vs. beverages billed in the POS.

Commercial performance: Follow in real-time which beverage is performing or not in your establishment. So you can adjust also in meal-time your marketing actions

Team coaching: Understand individual performances from your team members and develop them based on facts and analytics, eventually driving more sales and team performance

Stock levels tracker: Anticipate low levels and maintain a good balance of cash flow and inventory. Drive also more sales for low-performing drinks or brands

Beverage quality tracker: Ensure freshness and quality by monitoring line temperatures and pressures all along the beverage lifecycle

Equipment performance: Ensure close to 100% uptime by predicting and anticipating when a cooling equipment will breakdown

Produce your own filtered water

Water by the bottle is a source of big hustle and heavy costs: supply, handling, storing, cooling, servicing, storing empty bottles. We can help you end with this nightmare. Our teams can install a filtering, carbonating and cooling professional water production unit along with personalised accessories such as branded bottles. Your guests will experience a tasteful and clean still and sparkling water, limiting the costs on your budget and the environment.

Water solutions

Expand your “by the glass” wine list

It’s never been more simple and qualitative to offer from 5 to 25 different wines by the glass. Our partner Bibarium works with the finest vineyards to put in keg and distribute to the HORECA world, wine in keg that will last for up to 12 months after pierce. Our systems and installations of wine “en pression”.

Wine solutions

The freshest tap beer

Tap beer tastes better, beer lovers say. We can help you transition to beer on tap solution smoothly and with concrete results. And there will not be any compromise on the beer quality and freshness nor your margins and your ROI. Take your customers to the next level of tap beer experience at their table !

Beer solutions

Integrate and control all your beverages

Have all your main beverages under control in one single intelligent system and make sure the precision provided by the Manhattan delivers the margins and profitability targets you’ve set for your organisation.

Discover the Manhattan

Consulting & Turn-key solutions

We design the most appropriate solutions to make more sales and optimise your beverage operations with the state-of-the-art technology including data analytics straight from your mobile device.

Our solutions

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DRAFTER | Compact premix dispenser

Post Thumbnail

MANHATTAN | Blends & Cocktails

Post Thumbnail

NEO | All-in-one Postmix Dispenser

Post Thumbnail

VISION PX | Modern postmix dispenser

Post Thumbnail

THE WALL | Self-Service

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CELLAR PULSE | Monitoring your cooling system

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BEERMAX | Beer control

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LEVELUP | Beer & wine counter

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KEG CHANGER | Switches kegs automatically

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OFFINITY PRO | Water fountains

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OFFINITY CHEF | Water fountains

Looking to sustain your business for years?

Beverage operations have a great impact in your P&L and performance objectives. We help you optimise them and set you for success in the long run.



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