Stop waste by controlling doses on any turret

Operations transparency leads to improved performance.

Beermax integrates with the POS systems to monitor and authorize beer dispensing in all your point of sales, in real time, remotely.

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Two service modes available, switch from one to another at any time

POS Authorization

Valves are locked till orders are generated at the point of sale. This is the default mode.

Rush Hours

Leaves the valves open, where customers could be served before paying. Very useful on busy bars.

  • 7” touch screen to visualize the SPR on real time
  • Compatible with all towers
  • The Beermax can monitor and authorize up to 6 beer lines
  • No need to change your all installations. Beermax is directly connected to your kegs
  • Easy to install, the Beermax must be placed between the kegs and the cooler

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