Education matters. Drinking well, too.

Managing beverage operations for thousands of students and employees can be a headache. Choosing to manage water deliveries directly from the tap and filtering it, or providing healthy sodas and fruit juices is key in the development of our children and youth.

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School & Universities will benefit from:


Logistics optimisation

Healthier and responsible choices


Optimizing logistics management

Reduce bottle logistic

If one the focus of your Food and Beverage team is to figure out how to reduce the hustle of bottle logistics, they could consider our beverage technologies as part of the solution.

Water for life

Students and staff need water for their bodies and minds. We believe that creating your own filtered and tasty water on your site is the responsible way.

Act for environment

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Filtered water from the tap

These solutions help you reduce the hustle of bottle management and save cost.

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Less sugar, more taste

Limonades and sodas solutions

Organic Juices

We help you install and manage organic fruit juices delivery with a large selection of flavours.

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Taking care of the Future minds

Our solutions

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OFFINITY Series | Water fountains

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OFFINITY OFFICE | Water fountains

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OFFINITY CHEF | Water fountains

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Offinity Chef

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OFFINITY PRO | Water fountains

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Offinity Pro +

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VISION PX | Modern postmix dispenser

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Service Pack

Want to discover how to optimise water, sodas and juices delivery in your school ?



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