Safety and hygienic pouring guaranteed

Enable touchless or contactless selection, authorizations and pouring with our latest motion selection and remote-control embedded solutions for more protection and amazing digital user interactions.

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Turn your existing postmix valves into intelligent valves, that will detect the presence of a vessel, paper or glass, thanks to our presence detection kit.

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Other touchless solutions for digital beverage dispensing

Motion control

Similar to the solution, we’ve turned our latest dispensing systems into a fully touchless experience.

QR-code or card control

For setups delivering speed and precision, the pre-programmed and paid QR-code or card will unlock your drink in a blink of an eye. This solution is retrofittable to most towers in the market.

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Smartphone Cloud-control

Embark your customers on a customer journey beyond the pouring touchpoint. Give them control of the dispensing unit from their smartphone either in your dedicated brand App or a dynamic web-based App, where they can select their drink, pay for it and activate the pouring directly from their smartphone!
And when they are finished, take them to world of your brand to let them discover more!

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