Total control of the production

Your beer matters. Throughout it’s entire life cycle, from production to pouring it at the HORECA, we can allow you to trace and validate your keg deliveries, monitor the state of your products, their consumption levels, their pressure and any other metrics that matters to you when promising quality.

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Value you get with our beer solutions


High quality

keg switch

with precision

Optimized delivery logistics


Beer counter &
stock level monitoring


High quality beer

Grow your business

With our market intelligence data, you are able to predict sales, organise deliveries and deliver an overall enhanced customer experience to all your HORECA customers selling your beers.

Customer-base monitoring

Where ever you are, with our beverage analytics platform you can monitor beer levels, line temperatures and pressures, at your fingertip on your mobile device.

State-of-the -art microbreweries

Whether for a commercial or industrial usage, together with our belgian partner CoEnCo, we can help you design and install the right unit for producing your own beer.

“You are a professional in beer crafting, we are professionals in engineering”

Intelligent keg management

When managing high volume HORECA customers, it’s important to optimise their flow and keep it continued at the dispensing bar. Our keg changer automates the keg switches by detecting keg ends or foaming to decide switching to the next full beer keg. Maintaining supply at the bar smooth and continued.

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Pouring with precision

Are you looking to install your HORECA customers with the latest innovative beer dispensers, portioning or control systems, while synchronizing with the cooling installation? Pouring the freshest beers with precision and with style has never been easier.

LevelUP – Beer line counter to anticipate supplies

A simple plug-and-play beer line counter. Connected to the LOOP360 application, it allows you to track your sales & pours, and also helps you to plan the next keg deliveries or tank fill-ups.

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Cellar Pulse – Telemetry and data

Get real-time cellar data from each of your customers to ensure consistent quality and freshness of your beers.

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Real-time equipment monitoring

Manage your cellar and cooling installation with the utmost precision. Monitor temperature and pression levels to predict when your equipments could break down. Ensure uptime and optimise your technicians workload with our predictive beer analytics.

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Years of partnership with breweries

Since years, major beer companies have been trusting our solutions and expertise. Mainly because we are passionate about beer, just like them.

Brewers solutions

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DRAFTER | Compact premix dispenser

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THE WALL | Self-Service

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KEG CHANGER | Switches kegs automatically

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MANHATTAN | Blends & Cocktails

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LEVELUP | Beer & wine counter

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BEERMAX | Beer control

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CELLAR PULSE | Monitoring your cooling system

Achieve responsible and sustainable operations

It all starts with one question: how much committed can we be to deliver more value and less waste in your beer operations?

More value, Less waste in Beer operations



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