Hydration and vitamins.

Patients and healthcare professionals deserve the wellness provided by water and fruit juices. Our solutions provide all the goodness without any compromise.

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Value you get with our solutions






Environmental responsibility

Bottleless operations

Finding solutions to properly manage the waste can be hard task. Reducing their impact is no magic and our solutions can remediate this

Full body wellness

Filtered tap water and organic juices are part of the foundations of a good health. Discover how we can support your institution deliver on that.

100% nutriments

Fruit juices at their best and most natural can help sustain our health. That’s why we choose to offer healthy morning drinks with our solutions.

“Healthier drinks on tap: filtered water and organic juices”

Local water source

Filtered tap water can be obtain from multiple ways, but source remains the same and it’s within your establishment.

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Fresh juices

From our range of postmix juices, you will discover a complete world of fresh and natural fruit juices for your staff and patients.

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Consulting & Turn-key solutions

When designing your beverage operations within your establishment, our consultants can support you optimise the most appropriate solutions in order to meet with your objectives, whether they are about waste reduction or contributing to a healthier lifestyle.

Enterprises solutions

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NEO | All-in-one Postmix Dispenser

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VISION PX | Modern postmix dispenser

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OFFINITY Series | Water fountains

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OFFINITY OFFICE | Water fountains

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OFFINITY CHEF | Water fountains

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Offinity Chef

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OFFINITY PRO | Water fountains

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Offinity Pro +

Are you managing operations in your establishment ?

We can support you in making the most appropriate decisions to make more sales and manage your beverage operations with the state-of-the-art technology including data analytics straight from your mobile device.



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