Reveal your beers character

Every beer delivers a unique taste which can be sublimated with an optimal conservation and serving conditions. For years now, we’ve been mastering the technics for draft beer tasting experience.


For low flow to high flow projects

consulting, advice up to the creation of the concept

hydraulic execution of the cellar
at the counter connected to an app

After-sales follow-up:
technical maintenance, sanitation & maintenance of the beers

100% digital management tool
for decision-making


Draft beer experience


Traditional installations require specific know-how. Our technicians work with respect for the product. We pay attention to the particularities of each recipe when choosing an installation.

Technical experience

Our team of technicians is available 7 days a week for troubleshooting but also daily for the monthly maintenance required to ensure perfect beer quality.


We are attentive to the training of server teams and managers in the different establishments. Without basic knowledge, the product may be altered and not reflect its optimal taste.

Volume Meter: LevelUp

A simple and connected device capable of counting your beer lines.

With the corresponding application, you can access your data anywhere, anytime! Even outside, take control of your business.

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Multi-Beverage Integration


In the same distributor, you can deliver beer, wine, spirits, sodas, water  at the same time. This is the best way for your cocktails. In 4seconds, you can make two cocktails, one beer and one glass of wine.


Beer self-service stations


  • Dispensing station – wall installation consisting of a screen for one or two taps with RFID / NFC reader intégré
  • A management station to manage members, casting stations in secure wifi


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Stop Foam

Located just after the racking head in the cold cellar, this anti-waste system stops the flow of beer when the keg is empty. This stop prevents the gas lines from being filled before a new keg is changed. Purging time is reduced by a factor of 3, as is the quantity poured.

IoT Technical

Anticipating breakdowns or understanding them through the processing of technical data is our goal.

By connecting the cellar elements to the IoT, we collect data that allows us to plan interventions and avoid service stoppages.

Design Towers

We design, make and install custom made beer towers perfectly integrated in your bar interior design. From different materials, different finishings and embedded electronics, we get you the Tower of your dreams!

Design towers

Wide range of technical accessories

Fitting, tapping heads, pressure reducing valve, gas: we have in stock a set of technical accessories difficult to find on the market. Contact our team for more information according to your needs.

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Our beer solutions

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KEG CHANGER | Switch automation

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T Tower

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LEVELUP | Beer & wine counter

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DSP | Multi-beverage dispenser

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THE WALL | Self-Service

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BEVPAY | Contactless payments

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Magic Beer

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Service Pack

Looking for making more beer sales ?

Quality, pouring precision, staff efficient and stock levels monitoring: a snapshot at the propositions that we can offer you.



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