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Do you challenge your teams to plan your festivals and ensure the show is amazing while the site is given back clean ? We’ve been supporting Festivals owners and teams in finding the most appropriate solutions to answers waste reduction, speed of service and drink freshness challenges. You want to learn how?

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rush moments

Protecting the

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Optimizing festival beverage operations

Avoiding long queues

When a concert is finishing, it’s the moment for serving thousands of fans in a very short time frame and with always the same recipe. Either for beer, wine, cocktails, long drinks or simply water, our Cocktail and Long drink robotic-like system is your ally. Quality matters even during rush hours!
Discover the Manhattan.

Ensuring beverage freshness

Thanks to our extensive expertise in hydraulics and cool management, either for inside or outside events, no matter the weather, we are able to ensure your beverages remain cool, fresh and always tasty.

Environment respect

When thousands of people join in one place for one or few nights, their drinking demands can generate enormous amount of waste. Choosing to work by the Bag-in-box, by the keg or tank system can help you avoid what could be a long term disaster. Our beverage technologies help you manage exactly that.

“Having fun and partying should be easy and responsible”

Beer freshness

Summertime festival can suffer from the high heat waves, having an impact on the beers brought on site. Our beer solutions ensure

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Bottleless venues

If managing your beverage operations creates a headache when it comes to bottle management for postmix, fruits juices and water. Get in touch with us

Wine & Cocktails

Faster served, consistent recipes and tasty glasses of wine and cocktails result in a more optimized operations, margin thus profitability-wise. Discover how

Consulting & Turn-key solutions

Where to implant the bars considering the scenes and different land constraints ? How to limit bottle impact in your waste management ? Want to deliver better margins in your operations?
Our consultants can help you deliver such solutions.

Festivals solutions

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MANHATTAN | Blends & Cocktails

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DRAFTER | Compact premix dispenser

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THE WALL | Self-Service

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CELLAR PULSE | Monitoring your cooling system

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BEERMAX | Beer control

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KEG CHANGER | Switches kegs automatically

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LEVELUP | Beer & wine counter

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VISION PX | Modern postmix dispenser

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NEO | All-in-one Postmix Dispenser

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OFFINITY Series | Water fountains

Are you managing operations in your Festival ?

We can support you in making the most appropriate decisions to make more sales and manage your beverage operations with the state-of-the-art technology including data analytics straight from your mobile device.



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