Keep an eye on your cellar


Thanks to this connected device, ensure a flawless quality to all your drinks and monitor the status of your cellar in real time. Identify possible temperature and pressure malfunctions in order to react quickly and keep your drinks fresh and tasty at all times.

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  • View all these measurements directly on the 7″ screen
  • Connect your device to our Loop data analysis platform and access the status of your cellar from anywhere
  • Intervene quickly in case of problems on your distribution lines thanks to our alerts and reduce your losses as much as possible if a problem should occure

How does it work?

Depending on your installation, read up to:

  • 4 temperature measurements
    • Ambient – If your beverages are not in cold storage, the temperature of the storage room is critical
    • Cooler Ice Bank and Circulation Return – It is essential that these temperatures remain constant to ensure a consistently fresh, quality drink
    • Compressor cooler – Allows for quick response to compressor malfunctions


  • 4 pressure measurements
    • HP CO2 – For carbonating water and beer in non-refrigerated rooms
    • HP Nitrogen N2 – Getting your products to the point of draw
    • HP Aligal 13 – For cold rooms
    • H2O – water supply pressure to ensure beverage quality and cooler longevity



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