Self-service is the ability to let the consumer choose the goods or services displayed or presented or to “serve themselves” before paying the displayed price or accounting for the transaction. This approach is used in many contexts, such as restaurants, retail and banking.

Benefits for your business:

Having self-service solutions is a great way to differentiate yourself from other establishments.

Your interaction with your guests will change for the better. You will be able to focus on welcoming and making your customers feel good. A happy customer is a loyal customer!

But the benefits of self-service for your establishment go even further!

Reduce your costs and losses!

In average, bars and restaurants lose up to 20% of their revenue: misjudgment of quantities, leakage, theft, free samples (for tasting).

On a self-service system with integrated payment these losses are less than 3%. Theft is not an issue; a quantity control is required and the consumer pays a derisory amount to taste and find the drink that suits him (no more sampling losses).

In addition to this drastic reduction of your losses and costs, your profits skyrocket!

Increase your profits!

The self-service solution is the most profitable service method. It increases your profits by up to 45%. But how?

  • A self-service system provides continuous service.
  • It provides service back up with up to 20% less staff.
  • The time freed up for your staff will allow them to redirect their efforts to other profitable tasks.
  • The agility of self-service solutions will be a strong ally in the management of your bar. You can change your drink menu whenever you want and offer a wider range of flavors and drinks to your guests. You will increase their satisfaction and engagement.

Finally, increase your sales by multiplying your distribution points.

Benefits for the consumer:

Customer satisfaction is at the core of our focus. The self-service experience increases that satisfaction exponentially.

Consumer engagement is higher with self-service because of a unique and efficient consumer experience.

Faster service &  fresh drinks:

Let’s take a exemple here: In some venues, especially those related to large events, it is not uncommon to have to anticipate orders by serving a large number of drinks in advance to avoid long waiting times.

With a self-service solution, no more long lines at the bar! Consumers benefit from drinks that are always freshly served without having to deal with the consequences of a compromise between taste and fast service.

Freedom of choice & conviviality that build loyalty:

Thanks to the payment by the centiliter solution implemented on most self-service machines, consumers have the possibility to taste all the drinks available quickly and easily. Testing the different products allows them to avoid spending a lot of money on drinks they don’t like. They find the drink that suits them while managing their budget.

Give your guests the opportunity to exchange with others, to compare, to cross paths to live a unique and fun social experience. The guarantee of a friendly atmosphere that will enchant your guests and encourage them to come back and share moments with you.

Discover our self-service solutions, whatever the beverages you want to serve, the space you have and the architecture of your establishment, we have the solution that suits you:

Our self-service solutions:

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NEO | All-in-one Postmix Dispenser

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THE WALL | Self-Service

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VISION PX | Modern postmix dispenser

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