Drinkotec revolutionizes the corporate beverage experience with the launch of NEO, the 1st Swiss Made, Connected Machine for cold drinks, fruit juices, flavored waters and minerals!

Nyon, Switzerland, December 18, 2023 – Drinkotec proudly announces the launch of its latest creation, NEO, previewed at the Brau Beviale 2023 international trade fair in Nuremberg, Germany. This technological breakthrough promises to redefine the beverage distribution and consumption experience, offering a perfect blend of personalization, quality and digitalization. Not forgetting respect for the environment, NEO aims above all to support efforts to transition to PET-free operations, a greatly reduced carbon footprint and optimal energy consumption management!


Workplace & self-service targets

NEO aims to transform the beverage experience for consumers in corporate cafeterias, coffee corners, offices, and all self-service catering outlets in the broadest sense. Offering a versatile, customized solution, NEO meets the needs of dynamic business environments. NEO is already installed and in use in numerous restaurants and cafeterias in Switzerland.



A LCA (lifetime cycle assessment) study conducted with Quantis in 2019, now owned by BCG (Boston Consulting Group), confirmed our decision to develop NEO using postmix technology.

Simple and compact, this solution contributes to the elimination of PET bottles and the reduction of plastic waste. The use of postmix helps reduce the C02/liter served, with a significantly reduced delivery rate (4 Bag-in-Box = approx. 500 0.5 L bottles). The packaging for the 4 Bag-in-Boxes used in the NEO weighs almost 3x less than the 50 1.5 L bottles they replace, and is 75% recyclable and biodegradable.

In addition, Drinkotec is proud to collaborate with Multiplex, an Ali Group-owned subsidiary of Welbilt Group, on NEO’s cooling technology, which incorporates energy-efficient features, optimizing energy use and contributing to a reduced carbon footprint.


Precision aroma and taste dosing technology

NEO stands out for its precise aroma dosage system, enabling users to customize the intensity of flavors according to their individual preferences. Whether you prefer a subtle hint or an explosion of flavor, NEO gives you complete control.

Thanks to its advanced technology, NEO can create a variety of delicious and refreshing flavored waters. Creative combinations of fruits, herbs and spices make every sip a sensory experience.


Intuitive interface and ‘Self-Payment

NEO’s user-friendly interface makes operation quick and easy. What’s more, the machine is equipped for the integration of various payment systems, including credit cards, corporate badges, RFID/NFC wristbands and prepaid QR-Codes, offering maximum flexibility to users.


Promotional content display

In addition to serving exceptional beverages, NEO offers an innovative feature for broadcasting video content when the machine is not in use, to display a promotion, a new product, a service offer or simply share a company’s vision. It offers a unique communication channel with end consumers.


Beverage quality and cooling performance

Thanks to its integrated chiller, the NEO prepares consistently fresh, carbonated or still beverages, as well as carbonated or still water, on the spot and at the minute.


IoT & Data for intelligent management with Loop360 Analytics

NEO, like all Drinkotec solutions, integrates with the Loop360 Analytics IoT platform.

Loop360 Analytics enables automated management of machine fleets by collecting data on beverage operations.

A single platform for remote parameterization and management of solutions and products, anticipates breakdowns and monitors beverage quality in real time for an optimal experience.


Franck-Eric Flegbo, CEO of Drinkotec states:

“NEO represents a significant evolution in the world of beverages, offering a unique experience that combines thoughtful and daring design, elegance and high technology. We are convinced that NEO will mark a turning point in the way consumers enjoy and share their favorite beverages in their daily lives.”



Drinkotec’s NEO machine is now available for purchase, from the official Drinkotec website and selected partner retailers.

At its new production site in Nyon, the company is preparing to launch NEO exports to the EU in 2024.


You can find more photos and videos about NEO by following THIS LINK.


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About Drinkotec

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Innovation, sustainable consumption and simplified equipment management are at the heart of our daily work.

With 40 years’ expertise in beverage dispensers, Drinkotec knows the needs of the industry inside out. Over the years, we’ve created a 360-degree ecosystem where data is everything.


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