Loop360 Analytics by Drinkotec :

An advanced IoT platform to reinvent data management and Machine control in the beverage industry


Nyon, Switzerland, January 3, 2022 – Drinkotec, an innovator in beverage technologies, proudly announces the launch of Loop360 Analytics, a revolutionary IoT platform designed to remotely collect, analyze and drive beverage equipment.

Loop360 Analytics transforms and manages the 360° operations of beverage retailers and manufacturers.


For drinking establishments

The Loop360 Analytics platform for beverage outlets offers advanced, first-rate functionality.

  • Data for detailed sales monitoring: At a glance and in real time, track the quantity of drinks served and the profits generated. You’ll know in detail which ingredients are the most popular, and which drinks are the most popular.
  • Intelligent inventory tracking with alerts and notifications about your keg and bag-in-box levels.
  • Telemetry ensures beverage freshness and quality at all times. And automated equipment monitoring to anticipate potential malfunctions.


For beverage manufacturers

Loop360 Analytics for manufacturers enables:

  • Sales teams to guarantee compliance with commitments by managing ‘Smart Contracts’.
  • Technical teams to control and manage equipment remotely. Access to equipment technical data ensures service quality and helps anticipate and understand potential malfunctions. Thanks to alerts, technicians are warned in the event of a problem and are able to intervene rapidly. This crucial functionality saves resources and reduces the need to travel for interventions and component replacements.
  • Supply Chain teams benefit from real-time inventory, enabling them to plan and optimize replenishments and routing.
  • Marketing teams to keep abreast of market consumption trends by tracking contracts and sales. But also to transform a drink break into a moment of interaction, thanks to the large dynamic screen on Drinkotec’s self-service dispensers. With Loop360 Analytics, it’s possible to highlight a promotion, a new product, a service offer or simply share a company’s values.


Integration with ERP and CRM systems

Loop360 Analytics is designed to integrate with a large number of ERP and CRM systems such as SAP, Salesforce, Hubspot or even Slack, Teams and many others. This enables teams to access platform data quickly and seamlessly, without having to modify existing workflows or working methods.


Reliability and security

Thanks to our collaboration with Swisscom, Loop360 Analytics benefits from reliable and secure data transmission over the M2M LTE network, offering optimal coverage in Switzerland, Europe and North America.

What’s more, in collaboration with AWS (Amazon Web Services), we guarantee efficient and secure data processing by servers based in Switzerland, ensuring compliance with the Swiss Data Protection Act (nLPD).


“Loop360 Analytics is more than just a data collection platform, it’s a powerful remote control tool that transforms the way beverage equipment operates,” emphasizes Franck-Eric Flegbo, CEO of Drinkotec. “With this technology, our customers can expect increased reliability and unprecedented operational efficiency.”



Available immediately and already in use by several customers in Switzerland and Europe.


Find more photos and videos about Loop360 Analytics by following THIS LINK.

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About Drinkotec

Drinkotec is a Swiss company specializing in beverage technologies. We design and manufacture software and vending equipment aimed at reducing the use of plastic, improving CO2 emissions per liter served, and reducing energy consumption in the sector.

Innovation, sustainable consumption and simplified equipment management are at the heart of our daily work.

With 40 years’ expertise in beverage dispensers, Drinkotec knows the needs of the industry inside out. Over the years, we’ve created a 360-degree ecosystem where data is everything.


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