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Why manage thousands of hundreds of bottles when you can produce the same tasty soda straight our of your tower at your bar?

Discover our postmix offering for HORECA

Why choosing Postmix?

1. Increase margins

Reduce your purchase prices to increase your margins by distributing a wide range of flat and gaseous quality products.

2. Efficiency & Productivity

The Bag-in-the-box format of 10L of syrups mixed with tap water allows you to produce an average of 65L of finished products to your taste. This system is easy to connect and replace and allows you to save more than 80% of storage in your refrigerators and reserves.

3. Ecological commitment

Replacing the bottles with Postmix allows you to reduce CO2 emissions. It is also 100% recyclable packaging unlike bottles.

Bottle-less operations

Handling huge rotations and volumes in your soda operations can be costly and painful. Don’t understand estimate the hustle and cost behind bottled operations.

Connected operations

Connect your postmix towers thanks to our Beverage Operations Platform and have access, real-time, of all your sales performance directly on your mobile device. Allowing you to be on top of your business and grow it!

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Self-Service + Anti-refill

Control the number of times your guests serve themselves. Whether with an employee badge, loyalty card, credit or debit card or simply with printed bar/QR-codes we can set up your self-service stations without changing your installations. Simple and plug’n’play integrations.

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Our postmix solution :

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NEO | All-in-one Postmix Dispenser

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VISION PX | Modern postmix dispenser

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MANHATTAN | Blends & Cocktails

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THE WALL | Self-Service

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COOLMIX | Postmix Bargun

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DSP | Multi-beverage dispenser

Looking to optimise your profitability?

Beverage operations have a great impact in your P&L and performance objectives. We help you optimise them and set you for success in the long run.



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