Working as One Team, always.

When you decide to represent DRINKOTEC solutions in your country, you get the assurance to never be left alone to solve your customers challenges. Our team of experts will remotely connect with you and even travel to your country to get the work done.

Two options, you choose

Remote support

Whenever our partners will need support during an installation, our swiss team of engineers will dedicate time to support and go with the representative teams, just as One single team.


Whether in Switzerland or in your country, our trainings are designed to create confidence, fast learning curve and autonomy to operate all our solutions. After the complete program, your team will be able to articulate and design specific solutions for specific needs for your customers’ needs.

Our support team is ready to help you

Want to get access to the Trainings ?

We have, for every single solution we create, a dedicate training program, for which you could get access and continue your learning beyond.


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