Switch all types of kegs automatically.

Our keg changer allows you to connect several kegs that switch from one to the other when the previous one is empty.

No need to go down to the cellar while your customers wait to be served. You save time and money by reducing stress on your teams. Once a keg is empty, you can anticipate the change during a timeout.

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  • Works without a reservoir tank, nor a float
  • Auto-purger
  • Adaptable to any environment: installation inside or outside a cold room
  • Winter mode can easily be activated to operate on a single keg during down times
  • Adapt to any situation with our programming menus


  • Time saver! Switches your keg in less than a second
  • Money saver! No waste during keg switches
  • Less stress! No service interruptions when a keg is empty
  • Simplicity! No manipulation needed from the staff
  • Anticipation! A light indicator can be installed as an option to indicate the number of empty kegs


  • Version: 2, 3 or 4 kegs
  • One “Keg Changer” can power up to 3 draws
  • 2-line display screen
  • Interactive messaging
  • Compatible with traditional beer towers


  • Beer pump: for quick beer setups or for multiple taps powered by a single “Keg Changer”
  • Light indication: installed at the bar to indicate the number of empty kegs
  • Blocking valve: to close the line when all the kegs are empty

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