Integrate a whole number of beverages
in one single machine

In the same distributor, you can deliver beer, wine, spirits, sodas, water  at the same time. This is the best way for your cocktails. In 4seconds, you can make two cocktails, one beer and one glass of wine.

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Unlimited: program an unlimited number of combinations in a single place

Connected: all you beverages in real time at your finger tip

Speed: dispense up to 450 cocktails in 1 hour

Swiss Precision: always guarantees the exact same recipe

More space, Less handling : optimize space at the bar and reduce handling burden

Customize it


Intergrate all your beverages in the DSP & gain more space on your bar


The example below is a configuration of DSP5 which gives the following results:

  • Position #1: 2 beers
  • Position #2: 2 wines
  • Position#3: 2 wines
  • Position #4: 4 postmix + still & sparkling water
  • Position #5: 6 spirits


To end, every beverage in each position can be set up on the touch screen with several portions.

Portionning all beverages


For each beverage, you can set up several doses for each drink.

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