Peace of mind

Breakdowns always happen when you are about to have a fantastic day business. Our Technical Team is always ready to prevent it and fix it. The soonest, so you can continue making sales and deliver fantastic customer experience.

Connected Cellar
Our Predictive maintenance assistant

Thanks to our Connected Cellar Technology, our technicians are able to have directly at their finger tips, the status and technical performance of all our installed based. This allows us to proactively act on any failure our cloud-based algorithms detects and notifies us.
So our customers can benefit from the highest uptime possible.

Service Pack Peace-of-mind

Keep a piece of mind and focus on your business. Subscribe to our Service Pack PoM and benefit from:

  • Proactive and transparent maintenance
  • 2 planned maintenance visits per year
  • 2 to 8 sanitations (depending on the beverages and volume)
  • Unlimited remote support during working hours
  • Access to our Urgency Line when between 6pm-9pm and week-end
  • Access to our BIP 24/7 service

BIP “24/7” – Pay per intervention

Even without being a PoM Member, you can still access during the most critical hours of your business, to our  teams so we can help and support you in case of urgency. Evenings, weekends and bank holidays, we are always just a phone call away. Urgency number :

+41 22 994 21 23

“You take care of your business and clients, we take care of your operations”

Higher uptimes

Our regular site check-ups & maintenance ensure your equipment stays always in a great shape to deliver beverage of quality.

Better technical performance

Predictive maintenance is become more than just a dream at DRINKOTEC. Thanks to our Beverage Operations Analytics platform, we are able to predict and prevent the most common sources of breakdown. Turning our Service into an proactive and anticipation one, rather than a reactive one.

Remote & proactive service

Whenever we cannot get on site to diagnose or fix a problem, thanks to our proprietary Remote Service ConneXion, we always have a team member able to help you from distance.

Want to manage your beverage installation with peace of mind?

Subscribe to our Service Pack “PoM” and never again you worry about being stopped from making business.


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