Published on April 06, 2020

Astuces & Conseils par la Team DRINKOTEC

For an impeccable shutdown !


At a time when you are forced to close your establishment, be prepared and consider shutting down your various beverage machines. Hygiene, the quality of your service is at stake when you reopen and above all to reduce electricity consumption!

This is an opportunity to practice at bottom “more value, less waste” spirit!

Enjoy your reading,

Julien D.
Technician for the DRINKOTEC Team


Beers & Wines

  1. Disconnect the cooler
  2. Drain the water from the cooler tank.
  3. Connect the different drum heads to the washing drum or ramp
  4. Fill the washing canister with cleaning agent and connect it to the washing ramp or washing drum.
  5. Pull the product on the beer brewer. Caution, depending on the type of operation (automatic or manual) the turret must be handled with care.
  6. After 20 minutes, rinse the cleaning canister thoroughly: be careful to rinse off any residue of dangerous and harmful cleaning products.
  7. Fill the canister with water and finally remove the products with the gun until you reach the water, then the air. Repeat this step at least twice to ensure that there is no residue of cleaning product in the pipes.
  8. Bravo, your installation is shut down like that!


Water fountains

  1. Cut off the water supply to the network
  2. Drain the remaining water in the fountain by running the different types of water (fresh, temperate, sparkling) until air comes in and the water no longer flows.
  3. Shut off the CO2 gas supply, for sparkling water coolers
  4. Unplug the fountain from its electrical outlet.


POSTMIX Minerals 

  1. Cut off the water supply to the network
  2. Disconnect the cooler
  3. Drain the water from the cooler tank.
  4. Connect the BIB tips or syrup barrels to a wash bar.
  5. Pull the products until you reach the water and gas for the soda; then to the air for the syrups.
  6. Careful! This operation must be done carefully so as not to break the pumps.
  7. Close the various gas bottles


What about reactivation?

When these various products are put back into service, and especially for beer, patience will be required for the coolers to reach their optimal cold creation temperature. This usually takes up to a full day! Otherwise, the products will not be cold, or even worse, for beer, it will foam enormously.


Happy shutdown!

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